Massachusetts Digital Literacy Now Grant Program

A new state competitive grant to establish and promote rigorous, engaging, and standards aligned digital literacy and computer science education in public schools in kindergarten through grade 12. The first cohort of this grant will focus on middle grades (6–8) Digital Literacy and Computer Science (DLCS) implementation.

District Support

Each District crafts a plan for implementing DLCS. Decisions are made about curriculum, preparing teachers (professional development), capacity planning, building essential partnerships, and providing necessary leadership.


Each District selects curriculum and works out logistics for professional development (PD). The selected PD Coordinator may negotiate and facilitate with PD providers to combine PD sessions, depending on the curriculum the districts choose.


Each District contributes to a program repository of resources, such as agendas, summaries, implementation plan, stakeholder letters, that aid in building and sustaining district-wide DLCS programs.


Each District engages stakeholders (parents, teachers, principals, students) for higher likelihood of sustainability.

Our Mission:

To establish and promote digital literacy and computer science education in public schools