Grant Guidelines

Funds must be used in alignment with the purpose and priorities outlined and as described in a budget, budget narrative, and required program information that is submitted to the Department’s Center for Instructional Support Office/STEM.

  1. Funds may be used to support DLCS professional development and purchase selected curriculum.
  2. For planning purposes an estimate of $1,800 per selected DLCS teacher and a support coach, is recommended. These funds will be used by the Grant selected PD Coordinator to acquire District selected curriculum, schedule curriculum PD, and manage payments to curriculum providers, PD providers, and educator stipends/expenses.
  3. After the curriculum is selected the budget may be amended, as needed, pending funding availability.
  4. Funds may be used for substitutes and expenses for planning and program dissemination. Substitute reimbursements and expenses for the District Team (6 Days or 4 days if your District has already developed a DLCS Implementation Plan through the SCRIPT process).

Note: Grant funds may not be allocated to pay for both a participant’s: graduate credit tuition and a stipend; or substitute reimbursement and a stipend. Grant funding may be used for stipends for work outside of school hours.